Produced and Directed by Alan Dater and Lisa Merton
11 minutes


Michelle Holzapfel: Woodturner and Carver

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MICHELLE HOLZAPFEL: WOODTURNER AND CARVER is a portrait of the Vermont artist. Michelle creates exquisite vessels turned and carved out of Vermont hardwood burls. In this short piece she reflects on her creative process as we see her working on several vessels in various stages of completion. She speaks of the influences on her work- domestic life, the Catholic Church and nature.

Artist's Comments:

"I never anticipated what a successful and valuable tool this video would be. I've had many requests for copies from woodworking colleagues, both hobbyists and professionals--especially Industrial Arts teachers who are eager to show examples of women working comfortably with power tools.

The most important part of working with Alan Dater and Lisa Merton was their support for my efforts to verbalize the subjective, non-verbal impetus behind my work. They skillfully wove the separate stories of geographical setting, materials and techniques, and personal history, which inform my aesthetic choices. They created a satisfying and coherent narrative from an intrinsically chaotic process."

-Michelle Holzapfel

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