Produced by
Dorothy Olson and
Alan Dater
1 hour
Bridge of Fire
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  BRIDGE OF FIRE is the story of two potters, one an American, Malcolm Wright from Marlboro, Vermont, the other Japanese, Takashi Nakazato, from Karatsu, who originally met as students then lost touch with each other for over 20 years. In the interim both achieved wide recognition in their own countries. When they met again they decided to work together in each other's studios to produce pottery for joint exhibitions in the U.S and Japan. BRIDGE OF FIRE documents their shared vision and the year of their unique collaboration in Vermont and Karatsu, Japan. The experience of watching potters work with the elements of clay and fire is as old as our civilization. It is a primeval experience that transcends culture and geographical boundaries.    

Viewer Comments:

"A lovely artful recording . . . made with technical accomplishment, intelligence, creativity and refreshing restraint." -Program for Art on Film, A Project of the Getty Trust and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

". . . congratulations on achieving that rare goal; a film about artists that informs and engages us about their work, doesn't preach . . . but lets us share in their joys and discoveries." -Mary Lea Bandy, Director, Department of Film, Museum of Modern Art

"The balance between visual poetry and down-to-earth visual description is masterful…In this time of tension, Bridge of Fire points up the true benefits of international exchange." -Senator J. William Fullbright, Harriet Mayor Fulbright, President, Center for Arts in the Basic Curriculum


Awards and Screenings:

Shown at The Museum of Modern Art and The Louvre
C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle Award
Best Media Work, Festival International Du Film Sur L'Art, Montreal
Shown on selected PBS stations

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